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The following accessibility features have been added to make this site more accessible for people with disabilities.

Keyboard Controls

At the start of every page is a 'skip to' menu that allows you to skip directly to the important parts of the page such as the main content and navigation. Each of these also has an access key associated with it.

Access keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that replace the use of the mouse for navigation.

In Internet Explorer on Windows, you can press ALT + an access key. On Apple, you can press Control + an access key.

The following access keys are available on this website:

  • N - Skip to navigation
  • 1 - Home page
  • 2 - About
  • 3 - Products
  • 4 - Contact
  • 5 - Accessibility (This page)
  • 6 - Terms
  • 7 - Privacy
  • 8 - Basket
  • 9 - Checkout

These access keys have been chosen to follow the recommended UK government accesskeys standard. Wherever possible, they also avoid conflicting with commonly-used screen reader keyboard shortcuts.


This site is authored in accordance with worldwide accessibility standards published by the W3C and the UK/US Government.